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about us

Why Us?

Since the day we opened the doors of Carpet Cleaning Norridge services, we have worked unbelievably hard to ensure that each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied with the service we provide. It is an unfortunate fact that Customer Service so often falls by the wayside in this day and age. A day and age that is characterized by impersonal service, little or no quality communication between consumer and provider and overall dissatisfaction with the way things are done. 

These days most small businesses do not have the time, the patience or the inclination to build long term relationships with their customers. They just want to get their money and head for the hills before you have a chance to say anything – whether negative or positive! If we are honest then guaranteeing 100% satisfaction for every single person that we take on as a client is near impossible, however we will do our level best to maintain the highest possible standards of which we are capable.

About Us
About Us

It is our goal to deliver a quality service and if any of them ever have a question or a problem then we urge them to contact us immediately, they are after all our Quality Controllers! We strive to be the best at what we do and to deliver a satisfactory service to every single one of our clients. In keeping with this goal we are constantly on the lookout for the newest ideas, the best techniques and the most effective procedures in order for us to deliver a level of service that would satisfy even the most exclusive and uncompromising of clients. 

In our opinion, value outweighs price which is why we ensure that each one of our technicians is fully trained in all methods of carpet cleaning that is certified by the EPA and many of the major carpet manufacturers. We ensure that all safety and protective tools are in place before we begin and all cleaning products that we use are certified ‘Green’ meaning they are eco-friendly, will not harm the environment, yourselves, your children or your pets in any way.

So contact us today, enjoy that personal touch for which we are known and rest easy in the knowledge that your home and your carpets will be treated with the same care and attention as if they were our very own.